The world of modeling has been changing and so many models that I meet are asking about their “look” and what agencies and clients are looking for...


I am excited about offering "The Group" a knowledgeable conversation for women(16 years and older), men(18 years and older) about the modeling business.


I have over 25 years of experience and have sat down with hundreds of models to help them figure out what they want out of modeling and where they should go with “their” look.


What you would need to attend...


You(of course), a way of taking notes and an open mind to the different areas of modeling to explore.


I'm looking to start with one group conversation a month for $75.00 for an hour and a half of your time and mine... Bring questions to ask or write down so I can read and answer for the group.


Models want to know “Can I Model”, “Where should I go”, “What do agents and clients look for”. Those are the most asked question but there is a lot more that people just don't know to ask. Those and other questions will be answered to give you more “Knowledge” about the modeling biz.


Email about your interest in attending The Group. Once I have enough people attending I will email you back about when, where and how to go about purchasing a spot at The Group.

The Group will be held on a weekend in Manhattan.

Thank you, Tony